Thursday, August 19, 2004


This latest attack on Kerry's record, orchestrated by ex-Nixon men and millionaire Republican fascists in America just goes to show how far toward fascism the Bush supporters have gone. They're falling behind on the issues and are desperate. Their goal, like good defense lawyers, is to cause just enough doubt to sway one or two jurors (percent of voters) to change their minds. Doubt and confusion are the tactics of fascists, and these bushmen bushwackers are good at it. Study Hitler's rise to power, the way fascists created confusion and broke up meetings with hecklers and beat up those who opposed them. Hitler was probably not even as good as these millionaire bushmen who received 75% of Bush's tax cut. Do you think they wouldn't do anything for their money, make up any lies?

But the answers to their ridiculous made up charges are so easy to come up with. The men on Kerry's boat are the ones who were with Kerry. They were there and stand with him. They know better than these other guys what went down. These other ex military men are staunch Republicans, every one. They're angry at Kerry for telling the truth about Vietnam. Now would these Republicans lie? You bet your damn bottom dollar they would. Every word they say reveals their motives.

Also, we must believe, to believe these Republican military men, that 40 years before he ran for President, Kerry talked a man into being blown into the water so that he could turn his boat back and pull him from the water and get a medal for it. Pretty far fetched, isn't it?

Next, if there was no small arms fire at the time or any exchange of gunfire, how did the man that Kerry rescued get blown into the water? Did he invent the fact that he was blown into the water? Did he jump in so that Kerry could be a hero? I think in and around the time that Kerry turned back to save the guy there was plenty of hot fire and potential for hot fire every minute. So what if a bullet didn't sing by at the very moment of rescue?

Another question to ask is why were the other boats leaving the scene when Kerry turned back. Were they just running from shadows?

Damn, these bushwackers are men without one stitch of conscience. And to new young voters, I say that this is what we protesters faced in the 60s. We knew the character of these men, and these men were angry about segregation ending, they didn't like women who didn't stay in the home barefoot and pregnant, they were racists and misogynists and illiberal haters of mankind. That's why they could shoot down college students without a qualm. That's why Nixon could spy on Americans and create his own secret police force and use the government to hound down private citizens who opposed his war. Now you can see their tactics right before your very eyes. These are not true Americans who love a country of laws. These are men who will do anything and say anything to force their will on the rest of us and increase their wealth and power. These are the kind of men who create concentration camps, if given enough power, to put any body into who gets in their way.


Bill O’Reilly never shows much capacity for sustained thought. He’s a knee-jerk talking head, the kind of father no one would wish on any son. He’s a shouting, posturing, thoughtless bully, actually, and even if he weren't a knee-jerk Republican front man, he’s a “jerk” for sure.

The most damning moment in "OutFoxed", the movie exposing the sham operation Fox News is, occurs when the respected journalist, Walter Cronkite, says that he has never, in his professional life, seen a reputable news outfit run like Fox News is run.

Fox News, under Republican Aisles, is a top down operation, the tool of Rupert Murdoch who has plans to be the next Imperial Wizard of the World. He tells everyone in his Fox propaganda department what to do, what to think, what to report and who to attack and who to support, but first he checks with George Bush to find out what the daily talking point is to be. There’s actually no news of Fox, only Rupert’s opinions all the way down.

Rupert Murdoch was not raised in America. Australian Rupert’s corruption of our American news process is probably one of the most dangerous things ever to occur in recent American news history. He’s corrupting the whole process. He has no sense of what the job of the American press should be. He’s taking us back to the days of the worst sort of yellow journalism in the Hearst papers.


Remember in 2001 when Dick Cheney dissed conservation as nothing more than a “personal virtue”, essentially useless? According to Amory Lovins of he Rocky Mountain Institute, “Some 40 percent of the nation’s energy needs since 1975 have been met purely through using energy more intelligently,” reports Jane Bryant Quinn in Newsweek, August 16, 2004, p. 65.

Whereas Kerry promises investment in alternative fuels and to raise vehicle mileage standards and to subsidize energy efficiency, bushman Bush continues to cut research in energy efficiency and to gut efficiency standards for autos, appliances and air conditioners.


As Bush said in a speech last week, he’s doing everything in his power to harm the United States. Let’s look at another way his war in Iraq is harming us and the world. Fareed Zakaria in an article in Newsweek, August 16, 2004, p. 33, discusses the problems Europeans are having in trying to deal with Iran’s rising interest in atomic weapons.

“Having burst into action last fall, it [Europe] does not seem to know what to do now that Iran has rebuffed its efforts. It is urging negotiations again, which is fine. But what will it tell Iran in these negotiations? What is the threat that it is willing to wield?” says Zakaria.

The truth is that Iran has no reason to stop developing weapons. It’s seen what happens to weaker nations at the hands of a dictatorial world leader like George Bush. What small, unarmed nation would not be better off armed to the teeth with atomic missiles in Bush’s cutthroat world? Bush demonstrated to the world that America can no longer be trusted to show restraint in the use of its arms. Not only that, Bush showed that an ignorant American president can’t even attack the right country. If ignorant Americans can elect an ignorant president like Bush who thinks he has the right to attack any nation he considers dangerous (who decides who is dangerous?), then the whole world has a right to stand back and let America fend for itself. They must be thinking, “What in hell will that jackass be doing next?”


The terrorists are enjoying a mighty success over America when you think about it. It’s pretty scary. In our little city of Spokane, Washington, as alerts rise and fall, many man hours are lost in placing and removing barrels and barricades around federal buildings. And permanent guards are now in place in our city, county and federal buildings. Imagine our expenses duplicated all over the U.S.

America must be losing billions of dollars every year in this effort to stop terrorists. Terrorists really don’t have to do anything now but keep signal “traffic” high, and they’ll be weakening America’s economy, impoverishing the impoverished, destroying subsidized housing, weakening Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, putting a further strain on our dollar, lifting gas prices, and undermining the equity markets. Budgets everywhere are strained and the prospects are for everything to get worse. I’d say the terrorists are having a mighty damaging effect on America, wouldn’t you? And they don’t even need to attack us again for five or ten years to be effective in their damage.

Imagine if that idiot Bush had stuck to his guns in Afghanistan and kept after bin Laden! The whole world would still be behind us and in sympathy for our loses and trying to help us in any way they could. Instead, dunder headed Bush got the cowboy bit between his teeth and ran off with the apple cart, overturning it and getting us all into a thick applesauce.

"I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future." —George Bush [If only that were so, I could breeze easier. Speaking reflects how well one thinks.
Pretty scary, eh?]

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