Saturday, May 14, 2005


So you think that monetary rewards are equal to effort in Western society? Well, it turns out that such an idea may just not be the case. Wealth is not shared out on a proportional basis with talent or hard work. Other factors factor in, and the wealthy for some reason just seem to keep passing the wealth along and hogging the pot at the end of your rainbow.

12 March 2005
Exclusive from NEW SCIENTIST (Print Edition)
by Jenny Hogan

“It is well known that wealth is shared out unfairly. ‘People on the whole have normally distributed attributes, talents and motivations, yet we finish up with wealth distributions that are much more unequal than that,’ says Robin Marris, emeritus professor of economics at Birkbeck, University of London.” —Jenny Hogan

Bush’s ploy to end the taxing of inherited wealth will only make the imbalance worse. The wealthy don’t need our help it turns out. Click thislink and read more about it.

“That money talks
I’ll not deny,
I heard it once:
It said, ‘Goodbye’.’” —Richard Armour

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