Friday, August 12, 2005


As some of you may know, I’m a Friend of the Spokane Public Library, sit on it’s board, and also volunteer a couple of shifts a month to selling used books in our little bookshop in the main branch downtown. While drifting around and looking over the books we had on sale today, imagine my surprise to see the title of one of Laura Schlessinger’s books which read, “HOW COULD YOU DO THAT: the Abdication of Character, Courage and Conscience.” Here, all along I thought she was the blind lapdog of the Bush administration, and now I see by the title of her book that she must be taking dead aim at the slimy Bush administration. I’ll have to read that book.


I read in this week’s NEWSWEEK (Aug. 15, 2005) that Deputy Attorney General General James Comey has accepted a job with Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor. Comey’s the man who Patrick Fitzgerald reports to. Fitzgerald is the attorney who’s investigating the Valerie Plame treason investigation, that is, who is trying to find out who was guilty of blowing an American agent’s cover. The probe has entered very closely into Carl Rove’s office with another inquiry being made about missing records of phone calls between TIME reporter Matt Cooper and Carl Rove.

Destroying records maybe, Mr. Rove?

So now we need to know who made a call to Lockheed Martin to suggest they hire James Comey away from his supervisory position over Patrick Fitzgerald so that a real Bushbaby can oversee Fitzgerald’s work. Boy, these guys in the Bush administration are real criminal scumbags.


In my long and varied work career in mostly blue collar America, I’ve come across several examples of gung ho, shoot from the hip, macho types who are very accident prone. One time, one of those types was playing with me and a couple of guys who were riding the bucket down from an oil field rig deck into the work boat below. He, manning the crane, in good fun, I suppose, let the ring drop a couple of feet, then hit the brake and brought us all to a jangling stop still about 60 feet above the boat deck. Ha. Ha. Great fun. I don’t mind if these types kill themselves, but I don’t like them playing fast and loose with my life. According to many reports from the Bush front, Bush rides his bike like one of those nonsensical, accident prone types and keeps having wrecks which hurt others and skin up his elbows and knees. Then, of course, we’ve got his Iraqi wildness, and, in that case, his accident prone foolishness is getting lots of other men killed. Somebody needs to get him a trike and confine him to peddling that around and take the reigns of the presidency out of his hands.


The following is from a piece written for NEWSWEEK (Aug. 15, 2005, p.27) by Jonathan Alter.

[Open quote] When Bush was asked about intelligent design last week, he answered, "Both sides ought to be properly taught . . . so people can understand what the debate is about." This sounds reasonable until you realize that, as the president's own science adviser,John H. Marburger III, admits, there is no real debate. "Intelligent design is not a scientific concept," Marburger told The New York Times, committing a bit of candor that will presumably earn him a trip to the White House woodshed. . . .

The most clever thing about intelligent design is that it doesn't sound like nonsense. It conjures up Cambridge, not Kansas. The name evokes Apple software, the MoMA gift shop or a Frank Gehry chair. The scholarly articles are often well written and provocative. But the science within these papers has been demolished over and over by other scientists. As Miller explains, science is perhaps the last true marketplace of ideas. After a decade in circulation, intelligent design has failed the market test. So now its backers are seeking the equivalent of a government bailout, by going around their scientific peers to Red State politicians trying to slip religious dogma into the classroom. [Close quote]

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at its root." —Thoreau [Yep! Impeach Bush! That's the answer.]

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