Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Awhile back, in a Newsweek article, Chris Dickey quoted from Catholicism’s Concilium something which is unfair and untrue, yet something which I have often heard charged by Christians of all stripes, that is, that fascists of the past are atheists. I replied quickly to Newsweek as you can see below.

From: George Thomas
To: Newsweek

Dear Editors,

Dickey’s article on the new Pope troubled me in one area. He quoted Concilium, journal of theology: “Even though full-blown Nazism was an atheistic and anti-Christian ideology. . . .”

Hitler was a Christian. So was Mussolini.

Look, I know that Dickey was only quoting a propaganda tool of the Vatican, but as an atheist I must protest that Fascism, born in nations jamb-packed with Catholics and Lutherans, was fully an outgrowth of the tyrannous spirit which resides in that Christian book, the Bible, in which not one democracy raises it’s lovely head. Fascism was and is the product of deeply religious people who still pray daily to live in a tyrannous kingdom for all of eternity after they die. They worship a tyrannous king who killed their hypothetical forebearer
for the sin of exercising free will and thus show their contempt for free will by worshiping that very being who supposedly makes amends for his unjust killing by killing his own son. Now what sense does such a fairy tale make in a democracy?

Show me in the world at this time any war or trouble which is not caused by people who believe in god. The increasingly atheistic, peaceful European peoples ought to be praised to high mountains for their strong atheistic and democratic spirit which does honor free will by the very act of supporting democracies over books about hypothetical spiritual kings and princes.


I have no idea what kind of male the women who read this blog, if any, would prefer, but I can't just go on putting beautiful women in here, so here's a model from Interview magazine with the old Shiek of Araby look, the very eyes. Is that pleasing?


The Bushite White House recently ordered all staffers to take an ethics training course according to Newsweek (Nov. 28, 2005). My question, of course, just has to be why do conservative Republicans, Christians mightily, need an ethics course? Isn’t their Bible enough of an ethics course? And if not, why do they want us all to read it? Ethics, of course, comes to us liberals naturally. And please don’t bring up Clinton. After all, he told everyone that in order to win office, he had to move toward the center, toward the Republican right. Doesn’t that explain why he had some difficulty with ethics? Ahem. Come on back to the left, Bill. We’re waiting with open arms.

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yappl said...

Jesus said if you don't believe me as least believes the Father who work through my handn, the miracle, healing, deliverance, sign and wonder.
So by the work of Hitler's and Mussolini's hand you see the killings -of million of people surely you can rest assured that was the work of Satan the devil used through them the so called Christian. You will know they are not called of GOD. Bcause they were power crazy people want to enforce their doctrine, believes, opinion. And the devil took advantage as they yielded emotionallly then hatred, evil and wickedness took over their senses ended up in wars.The early European seemingly doing God a favor to spread the Gospel but killed millions of Indians in S,America N.America, India, slavery trade in in Africa, forcing the chinese to open trade by introducing opium to weaken them. Modern wars the communist killed millions of people in Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia etc. The Japanese Emperor believes that he was the Sun God and wanted to control the whole of Asia for it is the land of the rising sun. The Japanese in the world war 2 kill millions of Asian. Satan was behind it.
In order to find out simply see the fruit /the product of the person's hand is of God you see the people he lead will have life, peace,joy,gladness and lives a satisfied life.But those called of the devil, of couse he don't know he being used, you will see the devil's product. People fight, hate, quarell using four letters and swearing word,no peace, no joy and fear of everything /dead due to uncertainty.Then you will know they are being led by a vessel used by the devil.