Sunday, August 06, 2006


Took a drive the other day out to the south south east of Spokane into the Palouse and snapped some pictures. On certain days in the past the Palouse country has been oppressive to me as I drove through wheat fields, stretching to the horizon on either hand, before and behind me for hour after hour. It was hot and sunny this day, and my car has no air-conditioning, so the drive got a bit sultry too after driving down and then back, mostly on Route 27, except when I was driving on primitive dirt or gravel summer roads. I even picked up a hitchhiker on one of the summer roads in the dirt with wheat pressing in close and up to the door handles on both sides of the road.

The Hitchhiker

To the left, east, off Route 27 on the way down.

Summer road in the dirt. Harvest was going on in some fields.

Weeds beside a gravel road near the southernmost tip of my day trip.

The greens, the oranges, the blues! To my left on Route 27, west, on way home.

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