Wednesday, September 20, 2006


This is a petit vista as we entered the park.

My wonderful mate, Mertie, with a fresh haircut surveys the trail ahead.
We alternated carrying our one backpack.

The trail was all steep like this and actually was also the horse trail.

Liberty Lake seen in the distance over marsh grasses
as we emerge from our walk which was a short one.

The nice thing about our little hike is that it's just a fifteen minute drive from the urban jungle we call Spokane, Washington. Actually, the park is now on the very edge of a brand new incorporated city, called Liberty Lake. Liberty Lake is east of Spokane and one must pass through another new incorporated city, called Spokane Valley, to get to Liberty Lake. Just east of Liberty Lake, Washington is Post Falls, Idaho, one of the fastest growing little communities in the nation. If you've got middleclass income, just forget Post Falls. If you plan on earning a good income, forget Idaho altogether. Companies like Buck Knives come to Idaho so they can pay about 30% less to their employees than they'd have to pay in other parts of the country. Conservative anti-working man factions firmly control Idaho. And Utah. In fact, if you plan on coming here, you better hurry because we're filling up fast, and the turf battles are sure to destroy our local beauty. In fact there's a fundamentalist Christian drive to replace all our judges with activist judges who hold other than Constitutional beliefs and who are not environmentalists and who oppose planning and growth management. Those trying to escape are escaping into what they were escaping. O my goodness! It's everywhere, the hydra-headed growth monster! It's a good thing Mertie and I enjoy urban life—movies and good restaurants, cafes and espresso. We ain't Seattle, but we're all we got in the whole of the Inland Empire.

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