Wednesday, April 11, 2007


In the first place, I was surprised to find that all the blog entries that I used to have worked up ahead have all been used up. So I hope I can get the ambition to work a little ahead again. So I'll fall back on yesterday. . . . I do just gotta go back to Monday's entry and the comment of anonymous. He seemed quite upset that I agreed with Zach and wrote an entertaining scenario of the Lord helping Zach win the Master's Championship. After all, I agreed with Zach and claimed I also saw Jesus helping Zach win the tournament. So why would any good Christian get upset with that? Is it because I added human details, thus humanizing the figure of Jesus who, when he was walking around Earth, according to the mythology, was human when he was doing his walkabout? I didn't think that was so bad, but, something else occurs to me.

If Christians don't want us realists making fun of their hypothetical superbeings why do they make ridiculous public claims, like Zack Johnson did, about their hypothetical superbeing winning athletic contests for them, picking favorites from among many Christians, and making these claims with absolutely no proof for them? Don't make silly public claims and rational, reasonable, logical sane humans won't point out the silliness of the claims, but if you want to make silly claims, then expect responses. Otherwise, keep them to yourself. What more can I say?

I'm also including a couple more photos from around these parts as you can see.

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