Monday, August 06, 2007


This is like, well, feeling orphaned. In this same issue of Newsweek is the celebration of the 50th anniversary since Jack Kerouac's On The Road was published. Can you believe it? Funny thing is that I know most modern young people could only sigh that this old man was once inspired, depressed, challenged . . . by these beings from a diminishing pantheon of artist/gods.

Moreso than by any church affiliation or incarnation of gods in Jesus form, these men asked me to think, to ponder my situation in this life, my home in the universe. My relationship with them was fraught with pain and change. They kicked me down the steps, and I had to, later, pick myself up and dust myself off. They gave me no hypothetical superbeing to do the job for me. They left me on my own, thank goodness.

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