Saturday, February 16, 2008


I know very little about Islam so I can only judge the religion by Muslims who I see around me and what kind of people they are. Do they act in a mature manner? Do they treat those around them with kindness and empathy? Would I like to invite them into my home? Would I fear them or be able to love and like them? How do they treat people who are not of their faith? Are they law-abiding citizens and do they respect the laws of their nation and faith? Are they peaceful and decent people? What kind of children do they raise? Do they raise up hoodlums or self-respecting, law-abiding children? One can tell a lot about a religion by the kind of young people it produces. Anyhow, using the yardstick I listed above, with all due respect and praise to Allah, I will not judge. I'll let the children of Allah speak for themselves. Far be it from me to judge them. Let them judge themselves by their actions. Praise be to Allah.

One thing I don't quite understand about the pictures. One of the marcher's signs shows a dislike of freedom. Why, then, do so many of them cover their faces? If they lived in a dictatorship, like they claim they want to live in, then that means they want to be beaten up and imprisoned for rioting in the streets. But they don't seem to want to be identified and maybe arrested or beaten up. How can they live in freedom and protest like free people do when they don't respect the laws and culture which has developed the ideas of freedom of speech and assembly? Something almost insane and irrational about their behavior. Ah, well—Allah be praised, these are His people and they represent His religion. They must judge for themselves what kind of people they are, what kind of people their religion has made them to be. We certainly can't judge them. It would be impolite to do so, eh?

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