Friday, October 31, 2008


My wife and I voted last week so we are at ease and relaxed. Yesterday while Mertie was at work and then at school, I had myself a movie day. I went to see "Religulous" and "W", taking a walk in between the show times.

Bill Maher's show didn't open up any new doors for me, but it was fun. I even laughed aloud a few times. "W" was excellent and followed Stone's usual format, getting into character traits of the famous and infamous men he deals with. I thought Brolin's performance was Oscar caliber.

Rainy in Vancouver. Approaching Winter begins to make the Fall cry. Mertie and I are about two months from being settled in our condo. We'll move on the weekend of December 12-15. Movers will pack our stuff on Thursday, the 11th, and move us on the 12th. We're moving to the opposite end of town, far from where I'm typing this at the Mon Ami. The Uptown District is a lovely part of town in Vancouver. I'll miss being able to drive down here in a few minutes to write and read. I'll also feel much farther from Portland though we'll be able to take I-205 across the rivers. It was a two minute drive to I-5, then 15 minutes into Portland. I'm sure the drive will be longer now. I'm also going to miss the lovely apartment complex we now live in. The new place is secluded and nice but the landscaping and flowering shrubs are fewer, plus our condo is between the two wings of the oval that cuts through our 60 condos.

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