Monday, December 22, 2008


According to Steven G. Brant:

“The funny thing is, I've known that a significant portion of the US economy is Socialistic for years. ‘What are you talking about?’, you ask? ‘The Military Industrial Complex,’ I answer.

“You do know that all military weapons are purchased using ‘cost plus’ contracts, in which businesses are guaranteed a profit, don't you? And that literally every weapons system comes in over its original budget... and that those cost overruns are absorbed by the government, not the arms manufacturer? There is no Capitalism in the Military Industrial Complex. It's all Socialism, justified by the concept that these weapons are so important to American security that the companies that manufacture them have to be guaranteed a profit, so they don't accidentally go out of business. (By the way, I worked in contracting years ago at the Army Corps of Engineers. So, I know something about how military contracts work.)

“Now, getting back to the death of Capitalism in America as a whole, don't be so sad. You know the expression: ‘From every emergency, there's a chance for something new to emerge.’? Well, that's where we are.”

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