Monday, July 20, 2009


The following reference to pain is from The Princess Bride by William Goldman: "Life is pain and anyone telling you different is selling something."

Now that's true and it goes for everybody from religious people to plastic surgeons, but, on the other hand, watch out for someone who wants to sell you a vision of the world that's all pain too. Usually, they've got something behind their back that they want to sell you after they convince you that the world's going straight to hell in a hand basket. I can always spot a fundamentally bent Christian because he's telling me how evil the world is, and, later, he wants to sell me Jesus's love to make me all better. Like most approaches to the "evils" of the world, the best view is a balanced view.

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darin said...

I read what you have to say and wonder what it is you are selling. Or, would you consider voicing your opinion selling? Everyone has an opinion on just about everything. Most people want to think they are right in their opinion. With that, they most likely speak about it in away that makes it sound as though they want to convince you of that. You seem to take that as "having something to sell", yet this is exactly what you are doing. Hmmm...