Monday, October 12, 2009


This is for Kerly to see the two of us lovebirds: George and Mertie in Vancouver, WA.

The photo is by a friend called Carl who I once upon a time taught English to at Vandalia-Butler
High School. We then became hippy friends after my first divorce and shared a walkup flat with others of like mind. We often drove up to Yellow Springs to watch foreign films at the Little Art Theater.

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Kerly said...

Dear George, thank you so much for this. I feel honored.

Did I say that I am now in Philadelphia, and leaving this evening to New Jersey, to stay there for a week and then take a plane to North Carolina AND maybe, depending on my funds, go to Kentucky to meet my photographer friend.

Thank you so much for inviting me there, I would love to come and meet you guys and enjoy the life in a green place, but I guess plane tickets to there cost way too much even to think about that.

Talk to you soon :)

P.s. the word verification was active, the most real work I have ever got on Blogger :)