Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Spread the happy word! The decision by the five activist and conservative mis-judgers that a crucifix is not a special religious symbol and can, therefore, be displayed in any public place is actually in agreement with atheist thought. We agree with them in seeing the cross as an empty symbol that stands for a non-event in the history of humanity. The crucifix and the crucifixion it symbolizes means nothing. Don't we agree with that? Of course we do. The cross is an empty symbol standing for nothing. The cross is just a cultural icon like a smiley face and Uncle Sam pointing at you, like Mormon bigamists, like McDonald's arches and apple pie, like the now famous Mustang Ranch in Nevada and going postal. The cross is just an ordinary cultural symbol which has no intrinsic meaning and stands for no religious beliefs. We need to thank those justices for tearing the meaning of the crucifixion down to the nothing we know it is.

I invite you all to embellish on this beginning while asking yourself if those judicial activists are really our allies and had to come up with this very tricky decision that seems to make Christianity a semi-official state religion but which really supports the Constitutional separation of church and state or did they just outsmart themselves as so many pompous a-holes often do.

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