Monday, February 13, 2006


President Bush stares amazedly at VP's shot!!

No, it's not really VP Cheney who makes me make entries today. It's this new iMac G5 with, finally, dsl (which I didn't have before this), which makes making posts so darn easy, I just can't restrain myself. Whoa there, fingers, quit your dancing!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, look, everyone has accidents. So we ought to give Cheney a break in this accidental shooting of a friend in the face with a load of buckshot. We don't know all the circumstances, and, besides, how important is it with all the really important things to worry about in this world, like was Heidegger crazy, a Nazi, or did Kierkegaard really give his money to a woman he'd been in love with all his life but who he'd never slept with. . . you know, really important things. Or how long will it be before people get rational and realize there truly is no big monster in the sky who watches out for them and watches every little football player dance his dances in the endzones of his life.

No, really, all I got to quibble about is the Cheney functionary who had to mention that Cheney was a "safe hunter". I thought that the accolade "safe hunter" would go to those millions of hunters who have hunted every year of their lives and never shot a friend in the face with a load of buckshot. If Cheney is a safe hunter then who is not?

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