Friday, February 17, 2006


Okay, so look, what can I say? With my new iMac, I can use this function called "Photo Booth" and snap my picture with a tiny camera at the top of the screen anytime I want to, so last night I was playing solitaire, and I found I could import any photo I wanted to onto the backs of the cards, so I was messing around, snapping some shots for the card backs, and I snapped this one, and I like the look even though I don't think I'm anything like so Machievellian as all this, although there are one or two editors at our local rag, the Spokesman Review, who'd argue that I'm a lousy son-of-a-bitch, only they'd stop shy of using a curse word in their public comments. In private, they would use it, which, by the way, is the curse that religious fundamentalism brings to the world—hypocrisy! I also know that I'm awfully childlike delighted with this new iMac, but what can I say? I mean, look, I can hear you saying, "O, ho hum, that old guy just learned about Photo Booth. Soon he'll discover the Visualizer function of the iTunes and be staring at the screen like a newbe on acid." Okay, so I'm slowly being converted into the modern world where so many younger people are breaking ground. But that's okay too. I was once a member of the silent generation, those who grew up in the late 40's to early 50's, and I was converted once by the hippies, this age's parents, and so I don't mind at all changing again in my older age. No use freezing up and selling out now!



Now ain't this smiley mask better, taken on a power boat day trip up the Snake River into Hell's Canyon with my lovely wife? Much more relaxed, eh?

Okay, this'll be the end of photos of me for hopefully a long time. Look, I just discovered the Photo Booth function and, even though I'm pretty old, I still like the way I look.

Vanity, thy name is Geo!

O, yeh and the visualizer too!


derailuer said...

cool posts!!!!!!!!
thanks for shareing!!!!!!!!

plusultra said...

you may not be a god, but you look a little crazy, so maybe your jesus?

Dann I. said...

Well, George you seem to be getting more handsome with age.
Nice the by, you still working on a novel?
Lucky stiff. Showing off with your new computer. So, the thing comes with a camera built in?? Most excellent!
Dann of Jujeen [that's Eugene with a Spanish accent]