Friday, October 27, 2006


Have you heard about the new party game called WWJD? It’s a guess what “J” stands for game in which various people, places and things are substituted for the “J” in “What would J________ do?”

For example, the person who’s It will keep in mind, let’s say, the word, “Jell-O”. He will then give out clues until someone guesses what he has in mind. His clues must be relevant to the word he has in mind or he receives no points, and he gets points according to how many clues he must give out—the more the better—before the other players guess his word. He will try to make his clues as mysterious as possible, but the clues must be accurate. The other players will decide if his clues have been valid after the word is revealed. And the clue must answer exactly what the sentence asks, “What would J________ do?”

He might say, “It wobbles.” See? “What would Jell-O do?” Wobble?

Next he might say, “It takes on many colors,” or “It likes to be colorful,” as in “What would Jell-o do?”

Next he’ll hint that “It catches cold to make it firm,” as in “What would Jell-o do?” Other players might object to catches when they find out that “J” stands for Jell-o, but that adds to the fun of the game.

Next—“Sometimes it gets a little fruity,” as in “What would Jell-o do?” See? Get fruity—people put fruit in Jell-o all the time. Very creative and inventive game.

On and on—“It likes to wear a hat of whipped cream.”

And—“It loves to swim in milk.”

All these answer the question “What would Jell-o do?”

There are lot’s of Js in the world, people places and things, so have fun. Let your hair down and play the new party game [I just invented] WWJD or WHAT WOULD J________ DO?


In Idaho, Post Falls, all sorts of people crawl out from under the rocks. In fact, Idaho is loaded with such people no matter how hard the minority of good folk over there resist them. It’s an archly conservative state, very much like the very worst of our Southern states, so of course, slugs find a lot of rocks to live under in Idaho. Good place to be if you’re rich, not so good if you’re poor. Speaking of slugs under rocks—Orrin Hatch, the very conservative Senator from Idaho’s neighboring state of Utah, is a slug of a different color. You should read the hatchet job he did on Anita Hill in her book, Speaking Truth To Power. He prejudged the case and decided to assassinate her character rather than get at the truth. I remember him well, now that my memory’s been refreshed. He dismissed sexual harassment and her experience as if they were nothing to him, and, now, because of him and a few others, we’ve got a liar sitting on the highest court of the land, one small piece of a looming conservative majority. The SR, our local paper, even has a senior editor (who lives in Idaho and who will remain anonymous) who just might agree with Valentine’s hateful and ignorant position. Possibly that editor’s literate, but Jim Valentine’s ignorant illiteracy stands out for all to see, right there on his loathsome sign. It’s a common mistake. I make it sometimes by accident, but something tells me that Jimmy-boy doesn’t know a contraction from a possessive case of “you”.

PS: Look at the schnoz on that Son of a Baal!

Speaking of Idaho and its comparison to the South (and the racism that underpins the Republican Party and religious conservatism there and elsewhere), look at the emblem of racism the J sports on his cap. Recall the game? WWJ[im]D? He'd wear a Confederate flag on his his head. He sums it all up for us—racism in the conservative heart, Bush's Republican Party, Orrin Hatch, Idaho’s and Utah’s ignorance and intolerance, confederate flag wearing people, homophobia and everything the Republican Party now supports and upholds. I heard Barry Goldwater not just turning over in his grave but signing up as a Democrat in the next election. The most telling feature of it all is that, when you look at buttoned-down Orrin Hatch, he looks like someone's sweet old grandmother. That's how much looks deceive!

Geez! I'll be glad when the Bushman and party are out of power so that I can return to being the mild-mannered Clark Kent I once was. I haven't had even a moment to change and wash my cloak the last 6 years.

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