Monday, June 18, 2007


The following is from p. 206 of Dancing Wu Li Masters. I can’t guarantee that the info contained in them is not already outdated. The book is 20 years old, and that’s a long time in the study of the Cosmos.

For example, if black holes are as we have speculated them to be, whatever disappears into them reappears somewhere. Is it possible, therefore, that there are black holes in other universes which are sucking matter from those universes into our universe? This is a seriously considered possibility. There are objects in our universe that appear to be the reverse of black holes. They are called white holes (of course). These objects are quasi-stellar radio sources, or quasars for short.

Quasars are extraordinarily intense energy sources. Most of them are only several times the diameter of our solar system, yet they emit more energy than an entire galaxy of over l50 billion stars! Some astronomers believe that quasars are the most distant objects ever detected, yet their incredible brightness allows us to see them clearly.

The relationship between black holes and quasars is purely speculation, but the speculation is mind-boggling. For example, some physicists speculate that black holes swallow up matter from one universe and pump it either into another universe or into another part and time of the same universe. The "output" side of a black hole, according to this hypothesis, is a quasar. If this speculation is correct, then our universe is being sucked into its many black holes, only to reappear in other universes, while other universes are being pumped into our own universe, which is being sucked through black holes and into other universes again. The process goes on and on, feeding on itself, another beginningless, endless, endless, beginningless dance.

As I read those paragraphs I feel the poetry of the Cosmos and sense the energy around me. It’s a very interesting imaginative leap which only the imagination, aided by the limbic system, can do. This is no place for the logical mind. I wrote the following poem many years ago when my fears took up a bigger part of my psyche than currently, but it expresses for me something of the wonder and fear of treading on thin ice in new territory.


Stepping from the landlocked trees to ice,
On thin, steel blades, the skater leaves
His two sure feet and sails;
He skims the grey-smooth ice on out

To places where the firmness softens and water's deep.
There, black holes gape and bubbles rise
Through thick, black water like thoughts of gods.
That far out on flying edges,

The skater's body quails with soaring fear,
And shore fires cast a fitful light
On small musings that freeze like cubes of ice;
That far out

The rugged shore and threadbare trees
Seem dreams that edge a frozen universe
Where bubble thoughts drift up through thick
Black air on spumes of mist to burst away,
And water's deep.

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Moridura said...

The Dancing Wu-Li Masters is indeed 20 years out of date, and six months is an aeon is the development of black hole knowledge.

My new book (fiction), 'The Ancient Order of Moridura' ISBN 1844264068,
postulates a nascent singularity caused by a meteor impact creating a gravitational anomaly in Exremadura.

See and for details.

The LHC experiemts in 2008 may create black holes, however miniscule. (See Brookhaven NY lab gold atoms experiment 2005). If a black hole does result, it will boost my book sales, but the destruction of the solar system will make collection of royalties difficult.

Life's is a hard sometimes ---


Peter Curran
Edinburgh, Scotland