Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Pretty soon, we'll be setting off for Cave City, Kentucky where we'll spend the night before going to Mammoth Cave for a four and a half hour cave tour, called the Grand Avenue tour. We'll eat lunch under the earth. Not too far to the west, heavy rain storms with chances of hailstones are pouring down. They may reach Kentucky by this evening. Fortunately, all the severe tornadoes are touching down even farther west. Mertie won't get the thrill of living through a tornado. She was a bit nervous about them.

Had dinner with my cousin Dan and his wife, Eilene. A wonderful couple, and it was good to see another Thomas. I left Dayton, Ohio because I felt smothered by the whole Dayton scene, and, now, I am far from all the Thomas clan. To see and hear Danny pretty damn good. He's one of the few Thomases left here in this area. I do have a cousin, Richard, but I think we've lost him.

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