Thursday, May 15, 2008


Over time, as I've written this blog, I've brought up and pointed out the traumatic early lives of certain Republican operatives, like Carl Rove, for example. These are the kind of men who make fun of "people who see shrinks" because neoconservatives think people who see shrinks get a victim's mentality. Yet, as any sane person can see, neoconservatives are the quickest to see enemies everywhere and to start wars, and other depravities, against their favorite enemies. Instead of working on their issues and realizing that of all their problems, they are the worst of their problems, they project their demented innards out into the world and identify enemies everywhere else. Such is typical
neocon behavior.

Along these lines I've just drawn, Evan Thomas informs us in an article for Newsweek Magazine that Richard Nixon told a friend that he would do anything to get where he wanted to go, "anything," he said, "except see a shrink." Thus you see the roots of Watergate and everything that comes after, including the current divisiveness of politics, according to Evan Thomas.

Ailes, for example, is one of the chief makers of devisiveness, the man who put together the Fox News Network, that "fairly unbalanced" network where Billy Boy O'Really! spews his bile each and every weekday. Now there's a man who could use a shrink too. It would be a relief for the rest of us if he could just get a grip on himself and lift his psyche up by its muddy bootstraps and take it into treatment. You'd be surprised how many of those Fundamentalist Christian Neocon Republican dudes use alcohol to treat their ills. Ailes was one of the staffers who helped Richard Nixon assassinate his enemies. I don't suppose that would have anything to do with the Fox Nutwork's (er... Network's) being so out of touch with reality, do you? According to Evan Thomas's article, it was Ailes's idea to find panel members to meet the candidate, Nixon, who were almost frothing at the mouth, on racism for example, so that when Nixon said the same things in politer terms, Nixon would sound more sane. Ailes personally went out on the streets to taxi stands to find a nutty cabby, like the one in Taxi Driver, to contrast with Richard M. Nixon. So Ailes, you see, is just exactly the sort of trustworthy, sober, fair and unbiased man someone like Rupert Mudrock would pick to build his rightwing Network. It's a good thing there are so many lunatic fundamentalist to support that network because most of us sane Americans can see so easily through the whole con job that Fox produces.


overlooks young women
playing in the spring.

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