Friday, September 04, 2009


So... for the first time since I've lived out west (30+years), I've come down to Ashland, Oregon with my spouse, Mertie, for to see its Shakespeare Festival which runs nearly year round. We two groundlings are going to see Much Ado About Nothing on Saturday night, and, of course, there's a 60% chance of rain on Saturday night with temps down into the 50s. We've chosen a play being presented in the open air arena, a mockup of the Stratford theater where Mr. Shakespeare, himself, presented his plays. Of course, everyone we talk to down here tells us it never rains when a play is being presented, miraculously. Yes, the weather is in sympathy with Shakespeare. Or is it the doubling and troubling three witches up on the barren hillsides that surround Ashland who control the weather? Or could it be the local chamber of commerce, making sure that such rumors float North on the lips of groundlings like Mertie and I?

More later.

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