Sunday, September 06, 2009


We went to see our play and our seats were three-quarters back on the lower level, maybe a bit farther from the stage than that, so I couldn't hear about 3/4 of the play. My ears are truly shot. I can understand that I could have used hearing aids in that one situation of live theater. I think they'd have helped, but in a movie theater, not usually. I try not to remember when I sat in theaters and could hear everything. Not hearing well distances me from people and situations, but even hearing devices that I use in movies don't help when there's background music or street sounds or when characters whisper. If I'd been able to get seats closer, I'm sure I'd have heard just fine. The last time my wife and I went to Interplayers in Spokane I could hear just fine and my son's improv performances are always hearable. 

I'm looking for science to find a way to re-stimulate the little hairs that increase hearing, but the hearing aid and hearing aid battery industry is so huge, I wonder if research is really underway on hearing defects. Hearing aids, like vision aids, are in the control of non-professionals whose sole purpose is to sell devices. They'd hate to see medical treatments that would improve hearing, yet I'm sure that someday, it'll be as simple as a drug or other treatment to restore almost complete hearing ability. 

PS: It didn't rain, not a whisper of it. 

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