Thursday, December 17, 2009


Thank you for trying to reinstall the Glass-Steagall Act. I wish you great success. As a Dem, I was happy that we again led the way in getting a minority candidate elected President as we did with the first Catholic president. I wish a handful of truly responsible Congresspersons would get together and make some honest decisions about what the Federal government can do better and more cheaply than the private sector and, then, fund those things well and turn the rest over to private enterprise. 

Health care is one of those things that the federal government can do better, so why not get on board there, Senator? The private insurance health industry has admitted repeatedly that they can't do the job as inexpensively as the feds can. Aside from a few really important and public things that the feds can do, most business should be private enterprise, as long as the private sector is well regulated. The private sector proved that when they are let to run loose, they are greedy and irresponsible as anyone. 

Thanks for you years of service to our nation. Many long years ahead. Why don't you try to build up a strong independent party that could take Congress out of this endless cycle of hateful irresponsibility that excessive partisanship has created?

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