Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama Jobs Summit Will Include Business Leaders: Google, Disney CEOs To Attend

I'm so far to the left that people in the middle might call me a Socialist, or worse, a Communist, but I believe in free markets and small businesspeople as the best way to distribute wealth (even though they're the ones who'd probably call me a Socialist). Somewhere in the real middle of all this current economic chaos is a position which realizes that government is necessary and useful to provide certain social benefits that the private market is not suited to provide and that, yes, it may take higher taxes for all (who can afford them) in order to build the sort of safety net that makes being on the bottom less onerous. Of course we need to guard the door very carefully through which we decide to send those in need of aid so that the undeserving don't make it through, but we need to be fair... some people just can't compete in today's markets for one of many reasons. Should we let them and their children starve? Also, we ought to admit that religious charity isn't the best way to handle poverty because the religious just can't help making their charities opportunities to preach. Thus the vulnerable become the most susceptible to religious indoctrination.
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