Monday, August 09, 2010


To spread freedom and democracy as widely as possible, America will need to become extremely feminist in its leanings; the way toward a truly worldwide celebration of liberty leads through the veiled and burkha-clad women of the world. It begins at home in America with making certain that the government loses all control over the feminine reproductive system. A woman's abortion rights are inalienable civil rights.

When we've proven that we really believe that a person (a woman) has complete control over their own bodies, then who knows what ideas might occur to a woman living behind an imposed veil or within the voluminous and smothering burkha. Those crazy, suppressed and fearful Moslem men sense that their greatest fear of American freedom is in how we treat our women as valuable and free people. That's what Islam fears in America, and, to tell the truth, what, also, fundamentalist Christians also fear in their own country—women who can decide for themselves how to deal with their own sexuality.

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