Tuesday, August 17, 2010


“There is an old saying that: ‘Politics is like a dysfunctional marriage--every fight is really about something else...’ This applies to the travel to Spain by Michelle et al, the Mosque Cultural Center in Manhattan, along with the old standby ‘wedge issues’ like ‘Guns, God and Gays’.”

Thank you, MJT. While we get sucked into the daily nit picking, certain truths stand unaccounted for. Step back everybody and get the big picture.

What party has been against minimum wage increases, the 40 hour week, sick leave, paid vacations, OSHA, unions, Labor and Industry protections, social security, equal pay for women, mine safety, subsidizing public transport and unemployment insurance? What party since 1930 has labeled as Socialism every benefit aimed toward the welfare of the average wage earner? On its other face, what party since 1980 has backed every change that has allowed the wealthiest Americans to become so wealthy it’s like the 1920s again when 85% of American wealth was in the hands of 15% of the American populace? What party’s policies have shrunk the income of the middle class and created the current huge gap between America’s richest and America’s poorest while seeing the wealthiest earn obscene bonuses that they then protect with lowered taxes and minimal inheritance taxes? What party has helped create a class of citizen whose inherited power, wealth and prestige equals the sort of inherited power and privilege that our founding fathers found disgusting in Great Britain?

If you’re a wage worker and you vote for the Republican/Tea Party, you will have betrayed your class.

The sad thing is that I like Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is actually a woman of the people, but, like her Southern brethren, she is as uninformed as a boulder at the bottom of the Salton Sea, dumb as a post, blind as a mole.

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