Monday, November 14, 2011


The following is nearly self-explanatory. Read the letter by Rodin's dog to Clark County Commissioner, Tom Mielke, then read Mr. Mielke's comments to the Columbian newspaper here in Clark County. Rodin's Dog's letter and his creative work were stimulated by Mr. Mielke's comments. The conceptual piece of art, called Rodin's Dog, consists of a photo of Commissioner Mielke as manipulated by the dog's own work. The entire collection of letters, columns and art are being submitted to the Clark County Art's Commission as an exercise in conceptual art.

Monday Nov/14/11

Dear Commissioner Mielke,

As a suitable comment upon and in honor of your sophisticated taste in art, I am submitting this artistic work entitled, “Rodin’s Dog”, to be considered as a future work to be placed outside the Commission’s meeting room. As you will recognize, it is a perfect analogy to the sort of mass produced work that superb salesman Thomas Kinkade has grown rich selling to his doting public.

The work may be viewed as a work of conceptual art or as a construct whichever you prefer. It may be hung on a wall or placed in a corner with a doggie dish nearby.

I will be glad to frame it appropriately if and when my work is selected to be so honored. I’m attaching the price of $1500 dollars to my effort. Copies of my submission are going to the Arts Commission, your fellow commissioners as well as to the Columbian.

Thank you for considering my carefully conceived work of art,

Rodin’s Dog

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