Saturday, March 03, 2012

Breakaway Anglican Churches Ordered To Return Property To Episcopal Church By April 30

The one consistent message we are getting from religions all across the board is that religious ideas have no place in a free society. They do not understand that they are wrong and immoral in their consistent stands against the Constitutional rights of people in democracies to live their lives as they choose, free from harassment by church or state. The current Santorum argument that church people cannot be taxed to support contraception in health care insurance ignores the fact that if contraception is not easily available for all, then the state will have enforced Bible nonsense on freer less repressed Americans. No one forces people to use birth control. If they want to contribute to the overpopulation and degradation of life on planet earth, they can do so. The Bible has no place in state decisions. That's at root of the separation of church and state. If Santorum is correct, then those of us who oppose war should not be taxed to support war either. Santorum's way is the way of anarchy.
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