Friday, January 03, 2014


Today I took my hour walkabout in the nearby Fred Meyer store (recently purchased by Kroger). When I emerged, the clouds had flown the sky, and, unfortunately, I missed a chance to take my walk on a decently warm winter's day.

My real topic, however, is a sadder theme. At one corner of Freddy's, I several times passed the angry face of Phil Duck, glaring from a pillow no compassionate woman would want to lay her cheek upon, and I realized for the zillionth time how sad the face of the average (not all) faith-ridden Southern male is. He can display only various shades of two faces: an angry face and the sarcastic smile which is all the humor an embittered Southern male can manage. Just study the faces and listen to the quips of the Duck Billed Robertson family. It's so obvious, it's a wonder not more are wise to the ducktails they use as mouths.

Their foul temperament comes from two sources. Their forefathers lost a war and they still can't get over it, and they are the victims of a religion which encourges the average (not all) father to lay freely about himself with a rod upon the shoulders and backsides of his average child so as not to spoil him. From such an unspoiled philosophy, the average (not all) Southern Bible Bibber is left with bitterness and sarcasm as his two responses to a world he did not make and cannot accept. If that isn't a sad tale, I don't know one when I see it. 

The story I linked to above (see Phil Duck) claims that their ducky show sports 8.6 million viewers. If you'll notice that number is close to the numbers that old time German, Rush Limbaugh, used to claim and Fox News still claims. All three claim the same sad number of embittered, out of touch Americans. A very sad, small, unchanging number indeed.

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