Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I can't repeat these things enough. This difference between liberals and conservatives is so central to whether America will move on into the future or die back to the past or be so stupid as to start the end of the human race.

In the study of animal groups much like ourselves, evolutionary psychologists have uncovered value systems at work in the non-human animal world. One such value system is how the truth is honored and/or revealed in animal and human groups and the evolution of truth detecting systems in the brain. Steven Pinker, in one of his books, discusses the arms race between liars and liar detectors. Mental sophistication is the sign of a brain which is well advanced in detecting lies. There's an arm's race between the brains of liars who lie to achieve their aims and the brains of those who can detect those lies. Some researchers say that human sophistication is based on this arms race in brain power over millennial time.

Sad to say that Bush's largest two groups of supporters, besides the rich (his small but powerful group), are uneducated white males and fundamentalist Christians. Neither of these groups is very sophisticated when it comes to thinking or awareness. They aren't very apt at detecting liars, understanding science or apprehending the truth. For example, most liberals realized that Clinton was or, at least, might be lying, but they also understood that a President and husband might try to protect his honor through lying, but liberals didn't see any harm to the country in what he was lying about. That distinction shows a sophisticated or flexible thinking power. Also liberals easily see that Bush and Cheney are liars too and that they have some religious or economic motivation behind it. I'm not completely sure what they're covering up with their lies.

Now Bush's supporters, my guess is, don't know that Bush is lying or that his motives are fouled up. They don't see through him as liberals with their better lie detectors do. Religious folk trust Bush, maybe they even trusted Clinton and that's why they were so incensed with his betrayal. Anyhow, the difference between Bush's lies and Clinton's lies are that Bush's lies have alienated America from the world, created thousands of additional terrorists, killed nearly a thousand American soldiers, killed thousands of innocent Iraqis, split the country in two, and brought the Constitution into grave danger of being breached.

I must point out the difference between Bush's pre-Freudian peoples and the liberal post-Freudian peoples. Another way of naming them is to call them the unconscious and the conscious peoples. I tend to see bushmen as being still under the control of evolutionary, animal instincts, to still be acting from animal motivations and instincts, in short, to be under the sway of their evolutionary and unconscious motivations. Whereas, liberals have seen counselors, gone to groups, read self-help books, spent time learning about the science of the mind/brain, thinking about consciousness. In short, liberals have spent valuable time becoming more literate and more conscious of what motivates them so that they can live more humanely conscious lives.

Liberals are the modern, more sophisticated men and women while the conservative fellowship still bows down to the silver backed male in their group as god or president or head of the household. Doesn't matter whether it's to the head of household or to the president, conservatives still look outside themselves for leadership and are still under the sway of their instincts, primarily because they don't honor their instincts or their unconscious. The irony is that they think they are free men when actually they are still enslaved by their evolutionary natures. We can only hope that the bushmen will hurry and catch up with their mental armaments against liars.

"Like all self-made men, he worships his creator." —unknown

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