Monday, July 12, 2004


The Bush administration continues it’s compassionate attacks on truth and on the poor. This morning (July 9, 2004), NPR Section 8 Housing Changes.... reported on the cuts to housing subsidies of almost a billion dollars and the men and women in wheelchairs protesting the cuts in D.C. If someone doesn’t come to their compassionate senses, we can expect homelessness to increase in the United States.

Further, the Bush administration has consistently pushed the idea that outside groups in Iraq are causing the most trouble because that view supports their invasion excuse that there were ties between Saddam and al Qaeda. Now we learn that people in and out of Washington with facts to the contrary all along “have encountered political opposition from the Bush administration” which can’t afford for the truth to be told. (Spokesman Review, July 9, p.A4)

Bush again refused to speak at the national convention of the NAACP, but when he was first running for office he didn’t hesitate to speak there. Why the duplicity?

Next (all this is one day’s news) we discover that the Republican’s religious right and the Bush administration are “undermining the integrity of science”. Nominees for the national “science advisory panel” are being rejected because they didn’t vote Republican. They are facing political questions rather than scientific ones. One Nobel laureate in medicine (Torsten Wiesel) was rejected because he signed a letter critical of poor little old Bush’s science policies. Can’t help recalling the Nazi regime which put teachers and scientists out of jobs because they wouldn’t adhere to Hitler’s false beliefs that Jewish blood was different from Aryan blood and that Jewish craniums were different from Aryan heads. These dogmatic bushmen tendencies also remind me of medieval days when popes and cardinals made decisions based on religious dogma rather than on the facts.

These men out of touch with reality who are currently leading us make an intelligent person wary. The bushmen currently in office are the least compassionate most dishonest ones I’ve seen (Nixon aside) in my 40+ years of voting. It has no integrity. Fortunately 50% of us can’t be fooled all the time. Sadly, 50% can be and are.

"Let others praise ancient times; I am glad I was born in these." —Ovid (43 B.C.E-C.E. 18)

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