Friday, July 30, 2004


An ignored minority does live in America, the minority of the non-Christian, and it is evidenced by the fact that no non-Christian has ever been president of the United States. Our Constitution clearly states that our president need not pass any religious test, yet Christians have kept out all religions but their own from the presidency.

Our current president in his power hunger has no compunction about manipulating America’s religious prejudices to remain in power, and his power base of Christian fundamentalists is only too happy to go along with him. Recall that before the right wing fundamentalists approved George Bush to be their candidate in 2000, they required him to write a letter testifying to his religious beliefs. He had to pass their religious test before they would support him. Fundamentalists and conservatives have happily forced god onto our currency and into our pledge of allegiance even though that was not the intention of our founding fathers. Now we’re even fighting god’s war for democracy (according to a Bush press conference) against Moslems.

The bushmen have already disregarded so many Constitutional protections—can they be expected to respect any of them? If you ask me, the greatest threat to American freedoms which has ever existed is alive and active in the Republican Party under George Bush. Sadly, we can see how many Republicans who would normally be outraged at such disrespect for the Constitution gladly kowtow to the trend because they love being in power more than the Constitution.


Heard today that the reason gas prices are rising is that China’s economy is demanding more and more resources to keep its growth on track. Not too long ago, the rapid expansion was in Japan. India is using ever more gasoline to grow its economy. Can Russia be far behind? What about Brazil?

Liberals anticipated these developments way back in the 60s. I suppose someday soon, the rest of America will come around to knowing what some of us have known for 50 years. That’s why some of us have always driven fuel efficient cars. Not only does that help our pocket books, it makes us patriots by helping America remain independent of foreign oil. Other Americans put themselves first, America and everyone else second. If we are ever going to have a global economy in which world wages are high so job out sourcing won’t be necessary, we’re going to have to support global growth by doing with a little less ourselves in the way of big cars and waste like Christmas lights on homes, etcetera. I suspect we can find thousands of ways to become a more fuel efficient country, but that’ll take patriotism and working together. Conservatives don’t like that because it isn’t their favorite dog eat dog thing to do and cooperation smacks of bleeding heartism.

Another possibility will be war and more war. And the irony is that nothing wastes gasoline more than wars to protect gasoline resources. Do you know how many miles per gallon a tank gets?


"I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time." —Charles Schulz

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Anonymous said...

damned impressive george: proud to know ya': this from the last paragraph of john cassidy's new yorker 8/02 article: "A truly enlightened trade policy would involve increasing federal suport for science at all levels of the education system; creating financial incentives for firms to pursue technological innovation; bulding up pre-school and mentoring initiatives that reduce dropout rates; expanding scholarships and visas to attract able foreign students and entrepreneurs to these shores; and encouraging the development of the arts. In short, insuring our prosperity involves investing in our human, social, and cultural capital. But don't expect to see that slogan on a campaign bumper sticker anytime soon."

also, my physical therepist said a weird thing (she's a fundamentalist christian i guess from her remarks, ie.
that when i mentioned kerry's daughter's amazing poise at the dem. convention on tv she said yes, although i didn't watch it, i hear that they told someone to shove it. i was dumbfounded. but today on the way home from breakfast i heard someone say that they listened to the right wing radio in boston during the convention and all it was about was tereza's remark. so what ya goin' to do?