Monday, January 22, 2007


You recall I spoke of two friends who showed up at the wedding of George Thomas and Mertie Duncan? I showed you their photos—not too many days before today? Scroll back. You'll soon come upon them. Below is a photo of a page from my microzine, George & Mertie's Place, on which you can read two of Geoff's poems. The one on the right in the photo is Geoffrey, the man who wrote the poems below. The other fellow is also named Geoffrey, but he's a fisherman mostly, though he writes the occasional poem too. He can speak a lot of Russian and some Spanish too.

Beautiful are they not? The cartoon is a little flier I put together out of clip art I bought to use on the microzine. View the cartoon left to right.


In an interview with Atlantic Monthly national correspondent James Fallows, Bill Clinton, with Carl Rove in mind, said; ". . . . You don't understand this strip of the Republican party that controls everything basically," Clinton said. "These people are all white Protestant males. They don't do anything that surprises me. I've seen this my whole life." Reported by Troy Hooper of Aspen Daily News, Posted July 8, 2006

If he had wanted to further alienate the South from the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton might also have noted the Southern ideology of most of these men who run the Republican Party and the racial, economic and religious prejudice which sluices through their underlying beliefs. In a long ago early post, I mentioned that Bill was a Southern boy from the wrong side of the tracks, the kind of man that men of privilege, like Bush and company (lesser men in every way), envy and fear and want to keep in their places. This economic divide is what made, and make, their attacks on President Clinton and on the entire social safety net so vicious. Most Southern rednecks who support Bush are going against their own best interests, but Bush and company have been good at playing the religious card to blind them to what is being done to them in the back alleys of the Republican City on the Hill. We can only hope that Southern working men come to their senses and see which side their bread is buttered on.

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