Wednesday, January 03, 2007

WHO SAID IT ??????????

“The more people I can see, or the wider I can expose my mind to different ideas, the more effective I can be as President.”

That’s right—you probably guessed it wasn’t the current mal-President. He’s incapable of thinking such a thought, let alone, living it. Of course, his inability to think such a thought is directly tied to his fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is fundamentally incapable of thinking new thoughts or changing when confronted by new information. The current Pres. prides himself on his illiteracy (Don't read papers!) and so do many of his followers who think that no book but their "Good Book" is fit for consumption (opinions vary as to how good it really is). I’m hoping I could be wrong. I’m hoping that a newly-evolved ability to change their thinking about old Bible information will show them able to change their minds. I stand ready to change mine when new information about relativism in the fundamentalist mind presents itself, but if fundamentalism remains unchanged, then, of course, I will be unable to change my evaluation of fundamentalism because nothing will have changed.

The president who uttered the expression that opened this segment was—da, da, da, dummmmmmm—John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Thinking of Kennedy made me wonder if we’ll ever again have an intellect like that of Kennedy, Wilson, Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson at the American helm of state. With illiteracy and its concomitant conservatism growing in America, can a truly intelligent, compassionate American ever again win the presidency? The commercialized, internetacized, bloggeral culture modern boys and girls grow up in makes it highly unlikely they’ll appreciate, let alone idolize, a true intellectual ever again.


Okay, that’s a little strong, but today, driving, when my mind turns over many thoughts, for the first time I saw that, perhaps, Russia collapsed because they were trying to continue to keep their social safety net together while arming themselves against possible American aggression and could not do both—help the poor and keep their military afloat—whereas the United States, under Reagan, threw the American poor under the bus (where they remain to this day) in order to build up the military and defeat the Russians who remained loyal to their social system which would not allow people to do without health care and housing as America does.

Photo is of Victoria, BC library building and public office building.

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