Sunday, March 11, 2007

I may have already done this in the past. If so, indulge me. . . .


At one time, this place was an independent joint. It was called Fitzbillies.
Then Rocket Bakery bought them out. After Rocket bought them out,
I began to refer to the place as Rockabilly's.

This little joint is right across from the Community Building
which houses many of the socially conscious entities in Spokane like:

+ Blue Prints for Learning
+ Center for Justice
+ Charley Gurche
+ Circle of Security
+ Community Building
Meditation Room
+ Community Building
Children's Center
+ Conservation Northwest
+ Friends of the Farmers Market
+ Futurewise
+ Global Folk Art
+ Inland Northwest Land Trust
+ KYRS - Thin Air Community Radio
+ Neighborhood Alliance
+ New Priorities Foundation
+ Northwest Conflict
Management Center
+ Northwest Fair Housing Alliance
+ Peace and Justice Action League
+ Save Our Wild Salmon
+ Senator Lisa Brown
+ Sierra Club
+ Spokane Tilth
+ Unemployment Law Project

Just walking into the building makes one feel soooo good.
The vibes knock you over with feathers.

This little Starbuck's on Hamilton is distinguished by its close proximity to the
Gonzaga U. campus.
That's the home of the Zags who deserve much praise for winning the
West Coast Conference Championship
despite hardship and nasty Cheney cops who probably and
hypocritically use the drug alcohol pretty freely. Shame on them!

The downtown Starbuck's on the South side of the street where
on hot summer days, a retired dude such as myself
could sit in comfort in the shade of not only umbrellas but
in the even cooler shade of tall buildings whilst I sipped me latte and
watched the passing parade of lives before my very eyes.

Another independent where a man at leisure like myself can sit
amongst the business folk who seem to like this joint.
Good stuffed chairs and peaceful atmosphere and
right around the corner—the bus plaza.

On the outreaches of Spokane in the little Garland mini-business district
sits this little Rocket.
I went there many a morning in my early coffee drinking days,
mainly to chat with a very intelligent and lively barrista
who was majoring in psychology.

Ooooops! Someone lost a finger in the coffee!

By the way—I'm writing this and working on my blog at 3:30 am
because I can't sleep with our move looming up on me in just a few days.
Then, it'll be bye bye to Spokane and hello Vancouver (WA that is, not BC), but
I've already spied out a nifty little espresso joint there
on Minnehaha Street called Cafe Divine, I think.
Now I'm going to try to lay me down to sleep
I think.

Then, or Zen, of course, there's all of Portland espressosity to explore!
Just across a bridge not too far, I hope.

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