Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This move is so stressful for an old man like myself, let me tell you. We had to put Chi Chi, our chihuahua down. Fifteen years old, he was, and he was totally disoriented by the move, besides being mostly blind and very deaf. In Spokane he knew his way around his backyard life. The turf was familiar. He knew all the smells of his life very well. Here, he was crapping all over the floor. This is a tough thing to do, to stand in a cramped room with a tranqulized small dog while they stick a needle in his leg and then he's gone—poof—with open black eyes gone lifeless. I told Mertie I was going to pull down my pants and crap all over the floor too. Poor wife—she's got a new job to orient to, plus losing her dog (which was her dog, not mine very much) plus a 69 year old house-husband falling apart in her bed. I mean to tell you that this move is harder than I remember any move of my younger life being. I don't much feel like keeping up this blog either so my entries may be sporadic temporarily, though, I must admit that doing this one familiar thing in a wide world of new things does help a bit. I can feel it helping as I make the effort to type. I think of all my friends on the other coast of Washington reading it and hearing my cries for help. Help! But what can anyone do to help an old man adjust to a signifcant change in his later years? One day at a time I hope it'll get easier. Today was significantly tougher even though I quit unpacking the final boxes and sorting and arranging and went out into the world to look around. All I saw were a lot of expensive houses beyond our affording. The world seems divided between rich and poor and nothing in between. I can't imagine affording a house over here. Anyhow, here' a couple'a pitchures.

This is a party that my friend Ruth threw on the night before I left.
She's the crouching tiger.
It was also her birthday, so it was a birthbondayvoyage party.
The grinning girl and the girl with back to camera are Ruth's daughters.
The young man is the redhead's boyfriend.
They met in Montana where they both attend college.

Mt. Hood in the distance as I drove to Vancouver
on the Washington side of the Columbia.

The Columbia River from one of the parks along the river West of Vancouver.
That's an ocean going tanker, believe it or not,
in a not very wide nor seemingly very deep part of the river
just outside of the Port of Vancouver.

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