Thursday, June 24, 2004


Watching Powell correct Bush’s lies about last year’s number of terrorist attacks and fatalities last year, I thought, “Poor Colin Powell. He was an honorable man. Now, through association with the crowd of lying thieves in the White House, his own reputation is tarnished. They are giving it to him 'in the shorts' as the saying goes."

Personally, I still think Colin is an honorable man. He just needs to come home to the Democratic party whose plans for “equal opportunity” gave him his start in life and a hand up in his quest to reach the position he’s reached, and he ought to get out of that pack of cheats who tried in the past and who are still attempting to keep all minority peoples and the poor down. If he was a Democrat, I’d vote for Powell as president in a heartbeat. I wonder how many of his southern, Republican friends would do that?

"Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation." —Henry Kissinger


I’m almost certain that our Islamic terrorist enemies are opposed to same sex marriage. I’m certain they’d call it just one more example of American corruption, of America being the Great Satan. What, then, are we to make of our President, most Republican members of Congress and so many members of the Christian churches in America offering aid and comfort to the beliefs of our enemies?

Next thing we liberal supporters of American freedoms know, these Republican traitors will be saying (Constitution or not) that a wife should be subject to her husband’s dictates as if she were some sort of a mule or other piece of chattel! Or they’ll say that the state can take control of a woman’s reproductive system, tell her what to do with her body. After that, how long will it be before Republicans begin to tell a woman she must cover her head in church or wear a long gown that reaches to her ankles or a mask to cover her face? Just how far will these Republican traitors to American freedoms go? How many of our terrorist enemy’s beliefs will they support before loyal Americans stop them by turning them out of office?


Today, as I waited for a light at a downtown Spokane intersection, a grizzled man, looking a bit dazed, passed before my car with a cell phone glued to his ear. Eventually, I realized he was like the man who used to walk around downtown, talking into a walky-talky which was nonfunctional. He was delusional. I couldn’t help but think how much he stood for the madness of so many other cell phone users.

This morning a man with a cell phone glued to his ear, turned left in front of me as I drove straight through an intersection. I was on a green light and not pushing a yellow or red. He just was out of it, into his conversation. Later that morning, a young woman in a van smeared with the logo “” turned left and through a crosswalk which I and two other people inhabited. I hope her conversation was worth it.

Not counting the tale of my friend whose toes were run over by a rich woman in a BMW as she conversed her way through a right turn and over his foot, never stopping to note what she’d done—yesterday, I witnessed a young woman behind me holding a cell in her left hand to her left ear and eating with her right. Not only was no one driving her car, she looked away from the road frequently to select tender food morsels to pop into her chewing, speaking mouth. Imagine! While she was talking with her mouth full, she was driving with her brain empty. Two instances of poor etiquette at the same time and both on busy Hamilton Avenue.

Although what happened to my friend occurred many months ago, the three instances I report here happened within days and two within hours of each other. The poor crazy having imaginary conversations can’t help his behavior, but what excuse do these other crazies have?

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