Thursday, June 03, 2004


Sun was out when I exited the Even Keel. I walked out on one of the piers, found public restrooms, relieved myself, and stepped back out onto the pier to bask in the sun. I think this would be the ideal place to live if I had the money. I remember that the winters weren't too bad. Key West is too hot in the summer, but Nantucket isn't bad in the winter, as I recall. But, of course, the additional factor is being unable to drive to the mainland when you're on Nantucket. However, after that nasty drive the 140 miles from Key West to Miami, maybe a ferry ride is preferable.

I counted three sets of accents soon after coming ashore on the island. South African, Jamacian and German, plus I ran into three Russian young women in Hyannis while out walking in the evening. This feel of multinationality is something you forget when your poverty confines you to an "Inland Empire" residence such as my Spokane, Washington home is. Not only that, I've already talked to three people who summer on Nantucket and live in the Florida Keys in the winter. Here I am, reveling in my travel, only to meet people who travel immense distances twice a year. I bought a Nantucket hat to go with my Key West hat.

One of the people I talked to who lives both in Key West and Nantucket was also a member of the Nantucket Chase family, another family with whaling roots. She knows of Sally Coffin, my old bud from my early 50's days on the island, but she doesn't know her. Of course, she's one generation behind Sally's so they would have no reason to associate.


Come here, to 2 Union Street, just off Main, for your internet needs. It's upstairs and cool and quiet, not like the noisy restaurant. Here they charge only $10 dollars an hour, and they charge by the minute. At the Keel, they take the whole $15 dollars; if you don't use all your time, you lose the left over. But this isn't a cafe, even though it says it is. Something about not being able to put in another bathroom and one unisex toilet isn't sufficient for a cafe?


This is the best day of my trip, relaxed and easy in the coolish day with warm sun. An excellent combination.

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