Sunday, June 27, 2004


Yep, those wonderfully moral Christian Republicans. Here’s what Cheney said to Leahy when his logical arguments couldn’t cut the mustard: “Go fuck yourself!” Yep, that’s a conservative for you. Reported in Spokesman Review, June 25, 2004. And Dan Webster wonders why liberals might need police protection from these fascists who call themselves Republicans. My sense of it, from studying conservative involvement all over the world and in South America is that conservatives quite often kill those who disagree with them. Cursing is only the beginning of Cheney's potential for bad behavior.


What’m I to say? We’re on the verge of seeing into the great reality farther than we’ve ever seen before. Quantum physics let’s us know how insubstantial the supposedly solid world is. The capacity to extend life to unimaginable lengths is within our reach. We can glimpse the evolution of consciousness and are understanding the relationship between our bodies and the outer world with a scientific grasp we’ve never realized before. The relativity of all concepts and moralities by which individuals see and judge their world is now scientifically proven. Yet we live in an America in the grips of a morality and a world view unimaginably ancient and out of touch, some twenty centuries out of touch to be exact. It’s a reality which thinks it looks out at a solid and real outer world from an observing, cohesive self, or ego, to a reality of solid objects which is barely open to interpretation.

For an educated man of the modern world to view George Bush and his religious bushmen and the religious bushmen of Islam with which he fights is like being a Cro Magnon man on a rise, looking out over a plain in Southern Europe to watch a column of fumbling Neanderthals wending toward a swamp. It would be funny except we Cro Magnons might end up in their swamp with them. Let’s call modern men, “Freudian man” as opposed to those Cro Magnons who still live without full consciousness of what’s going on inside their skins.

Freudian man now knows that much of what he thinks he sees out there is only a projection of our synaptical selves into the world. Everyone knows the world is not really solid, for example, but we all act as if it were solid. We now know that no matter how hard we search the brain and body for a core being within us, an observer of the outer world, so to speak, this observer can be found nowhere in the brain/body landscape of ever changing, firing neurons and chemical reactions we call life, yet we all sense there is such a thing as a “me” inside of our chemical bodies even though none exists.

For some human beings, such truths about godlessness, projection and relativity are frightening, and they keep going outside themselves for answers. They keep projecting a god out there to which they appeal, not realizing that they are only appealing to an aspect of themselves they project “out there”. Bush keeps seeing his own “evil” out there in the world, for example. If only Bushmen knew, as Freudian men know, that they are the only gods which exist and to which they appeal.


On page 32 of the June 28 2004 Newsweek, we read, “The Saudi religious establishment has until recently almost always referred to almost all non-Wahhabis (including the Shia, Sufis and all other Muslim sects) in derogatory terms. Non-Muslims are, of course, rank infidels.”

As an American, I would take great offense at such ignorant non-Western nonsense except I have the example of so many American Christians under my very nose and feet.


First we need to force all six and eight cylinder cars off Western roads and get all the self-absorbed peoples who buy SUVs to see the error of their ways. (By the way, that’s exactly what the psychological profile of SUV drivers shows us—that, as a group, they are self-absorbed and fearful of their relationships.)

Once we’ve completely divorced ourselves from a need for most foreign oil, we seal our borders to the Arabs. We don’t trade with them, and we don’t ship movies to them, we don’t have any cultural commerce with them whatsoever. We keep all our citizens out of there. We let them run their own countries the way they want to run them. The rest of the world builds tighter trade connections. We make this old non-Muslim world prosper, and we make sure that we eliminate poverty and ignorance (that’ll be harder) and become shining examples of goodness and plenty.

What do you think would happen soon in the Arab world if we leave them completely alone? Whatever happens, they can’t blame us for it. They’ll have to take responsibility for whatever results. They’ll have no scapegoat to blame, and terrorists will have to terrorize themselves and blame themselves.

I say, let’s do what the Iraqis want us to do. Get out now!

"Now that I'm over sixty I'm veering toward respectability" —Shelley Winters

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