Friday, June 25, 2004


The Iraqi interm government has vowed to get tough against the revolutionary forces opposing it. American authorities have now authorized former Saddam Hussein security forces to join the attack on the religious fundamentalists who make up a large part of the revolutionary forces opposing American dictates for democracy in Iraq. I predict that within a year of the handover we will learn that Saddam's security forces, now allied with American interests, will be torturing and killing Iraqi citizens in Abu Ghraib just like American security forces are torturing and killing Iraqi citizens. Everything changes but nothing changes for the little guy in the world when world powers want to force Bush's Manifest Destiny or Bush's Christian Crusade onto other countries.


After a lifetime living among and observing Christian males, I can say with full authority that 85% of all Christian males are control freaks and very political and opinionated. Ten percent of Christian males are gay and don’t know it yet, while 5% can claim to have their heads on straight, but these guys are so quiet, praying away in the closet and serving others, that they never appear on the political horizon. They work always beneath the scene and quietly vote Democrat.


In “Sexual Personae” (p.89) Camille discusses the many puberty rites of the cultures of the world. Then she quotes Jane Harrison: “With the savage, to be twice born is the rule, not the exception.”

I just wish we could talk our American “born agains” to give up their savage passions and roots and join the rest of us in the modern world.


Page 95 of “Sexual Personae” reads “The violent principle of Dionysian cult is sparagmos.... The body of the god, or a human or animal substitute, is torn to pieces, which are eaten or scattered like seed. Omophagy, ritual eating of raw flesh, is the assimilation and internalization of godhead.... The body parts of dismembered Osiris, scattered across the earth, were collected by Isis, who founded a shrine at each site. Before his arrest, Jesus tears the Passover bread for his disciples: ‘Take, eat; this is my body....’ At every Christian service, wafers and wine are changed into Christ’s body and blood, consumed by the worshipper. In Catholicism, this is not symbolic but literal. Transubstantiation is cannibalism.”

The point of all this is to show how Christ’s reported words were making reference to religions much older than the Jewish cult he was a part of. Or, more likely, those who made up the cult which would become Christianity were actually part of a primitive cult with their roots in unorthodox pagan religions. Or Christ was really trying to start a religion inside the pagan cults outside the Jewish tradition. Or, actually, there is no Christ. The people who wrote what became the New Testament were actually continuing a religion with roots in pagan cannibalism which, of course, would need to make up a sacrificial figure for consumption.

You see, people who think that Christianity sprang up already made and thought of as a modern Christian thinks of it just doesn’t realize how any human creation is always built on the past and changes slowly over time. Christianity is pagan in its roots, steeped in blood and human sacrifice. A modern Christian would be so uncomfortable if he or she were thrown back in time to early pre-Christianity that their skin would crawl. So all modern Christians are blasphemers and heretics when viewed through the lens of time. They are nothing like early Christians and have changed the Christ/lamb image all out of recognition.


On Page 96, Camille adds, further, “Mystery religions offered initiates eternal life. Promise of resurrection was and is a major reason for Christianity’s spread.”

Christianity is a mystery religion, steeped in paganism. How often have you heard a Christian admit how puzzling so much of his religion is to her?


Brian Trent in his essay, “The Future of Immortality” in The Humanist (May/June 2004, Page 11) comments on the fact that we might be nearing a time when science will be able to give people an eternal life and the problems that possibility might create for ethicists and moralists. Think not? And where will religionists go when their afterlife seems a pale copy of real eternity?

“In 1980 [evolutionary biologist Michael R.] Rose managed to breed ‘immortal’ fruitflies by matching and mating long-lived specimens. While an average fruitfly lives several weeks, Rose possesses flies (albeit only a few survivors) that are still alive from his original experiment twenty-four years ago.” (Page 12)

Ain’t that somethin’? From a few weeks of life span to 24 years of life? That’s an increase of 208%. Now... my 80 years increased by 208% would be what? Sixteen thousand six-hundred forty year life span? Already, that’d seem an eternity to me. Please check my math. I could be wrong. Methuselah, move over.


Does anyone but liberals see the absolute silliness of the situation? Here we have Bill Clinton IMPEACHED by Republican moralists for having illicit sex while Bush’s ignorance, incompetence and dishonesty have killed thousands, shamed America and dishonored her flag. These same moralists who make a sexual peccadillo the cause for a case of impeachment ignore rampant self interest and greed and Cheney inspired Halliburton corruption which will soon kill a 1000 American soldiers. They should be outraged! Imagine if Clinton had prosecuted this war? One good thing! We do get to see just what self deception the average Christian supporter of Bush is capable of and what lying citizens the Protestant and evangelical Christian church turn out. Add the Protestant dishonesty to the Catholic debacle and you and I can see what Christianity has wrought in America. Out with them all!

"Patriotism is the veneration of real estate above principles." —George Jean Nathan

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