Sunday, April 30, 2006

According to Lexus, this is the sort of guy who drives their cars. In fact, I knew him well back in the good old school days. His name is Yorick, Duke of Diddly and Lord of Inanity. He was, literally, a bone head. He'd walk down the hallway at old PS 95 and we'd bet on whether or not he'd trip on his untied shoelaces. But he was a friendly guy. Often he'd walk up to the crowd of us in the hallway outside of Miss Wow's room, where we camped out, and say, "Duh!" or, if he was having a better day, he'd tell us what he thought his name was. A few times he got it right. That was before he was declared legally an idiot. After that, they took him away and made him a cap with bells on it. He was never the same. I don't think he can legally drive, actually. So what do you make of his being a poster—bored for Lexus? I don't know. Maybe, it's justice.

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Dann I. said...

that's a good one George.
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