Sunday, April 09, 2006


This is the guy who confronted Bush at one of Bush's usually scripted performances. He gave his message in concise, telling language, and he got it right, from the transcripts I've come across. He was booed by the audience for what he said, but he continued anyway. Also think of what recently happened at the press conference of Democrat Nick Lampson who's running to replace Tom Delay in Texas. His press conference was attacked and disrupted by Delay partisans. These Christian conservative thugs are just like the Brownshirts in Hitler's Germany, disrupting meetings and brutalizing opponents. Then people try to say that the Nazi's were atheists. You can be a Christian and a thug too. PS: Look at the lady down to the left of the picture. "Whooooboy!" she's saying.


[OPEN QUOTE] Despite the violence, U.S. officials have discounted talk of civil war. However, a senior Iraqi official said Saturday that an "undeclared civil war" had already been raging for more than a year.

"Is there a civil war? Yes, there is an undeclared civil war that has been there for a year or more," Maj. Gen. Hussein Kamal told The Associated Press. "All these bodies that are discovered in Baghdad, the slaughter of pilgrims heading to holy sites, the explosions, the destruction, the attacks against the mosques are all part of this."

His comments were echoed by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

"Civil war has almost started among Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds and those who are coming from Asia. The situation is uneasy and I don't know how would Iraq be brought together," Mubarak said in an interview broadcast Saturday on Al-Arabiya satellite television. [CLOSE QUOTE] Read more.

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