Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Today I was going through more lists of interests to see what people who like what I like put into their blogs. Today I checked out "parallel universes" and "reality". I was struck again by how many people fire up a blog for one entry or a handful then disappear from sight. Most claim in their initial post that this will be their deepest soul coming to you on a hot platter of apples. Then, I think, most of them very quickly realize that putting down your soul for others to read on a daily basis is kind of like writing a novel, and writing things down is no more fun than it was when we all were highschool twits with BIG THOUGHTS to share. Writing on a steady basis is difficult and (can be) lonely work. If you are not entertained yourself by the process and what you are thinking and doing, then, writing down your soul thoughts for others will damn soon wear thin. For some it takes only one entry. For others a handful before they cease and desist. May they all go on to happy and fulfilling lives in suburbia with spouse and required number of children, lawns to mow, neighbor's spouses to ogle and lust after and a divorce after one to ten years. At that time, they may have more to say of interest.

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