Friday, May 05, 2006


So I'm taking this short break to put some flower pictures in here. I got them from blogs and from the government, i.e. that one of the stuffed and mounted flower. I just thought you might like to see a flower preserved to be studied.

PS: I got the two larger pictures at top from here. She had to remind me not to plagiarize without credit which I'm careful about in the written word.

I'm slowly becoming a gardener too. Yes, we atheists appreciate beauty as much as the next person. That's just the way it is.

I just realized that if I'd chosen a blog with a white background, instead of this green I've chosen, then I would have a larger color palette to choose from. Some of my colors don't show up on the green background.

But, I guess I'm stuck with what I'm stuck with unless I want to make a major change in my blog format, and I can do that, but then the whole blog must be republished and I'd lose all my links and the few things I have personalized. A dilemma. A dilemma indeed!

I think I must have to put something down here to keep the post below from leaking into this post. Anyhow, I'll be back next week with more serious stuff, like politics or the arts or science. I've got lots of stuff to scan into this blog from science. I may start a blog on the GardenWeb and become a blogger with all the flower people who seem so sweet and gentle and they'd probably be shocked to have an atheist among them. And then again, maybe not. I just realized I made another faux paux. Who says flowers and gardening aren't serious items in their own right?


Simon said...

Oooh, pretty colours.

Karen said...

If I borrow someone's pictures, I usually provide a link or at least acknowledge where they are from. Don't you think your readers might like to know the origin of these photographs you borrowed from my gardening blog? :-)

I dropped by to tell you that I have taken some nice photos with an HP point'n'shoot camera. For closeups of flowers it helps to learn about the macro setting (if your camera has one).

Most of my pictures, including the ones you have posted on your blog, are taken with a Pentax digital SLR though.

By the way, appearances can be deceiving. As a poet, you should know that.

Tim said...

It's no surprise that Atheists can find beauty--not at all, afterall what am I? Anti-Religious artists who doesn't believe in things people generally believe in...ah but this isn't about me. This is about flowers. Georgia [OKieff; oh how i hate spelling things incorrectly] was the most brilliant gardner as she used paint to grow her eternal blooms.

I have been watching a long time after you shared with me those words--the poetry words--and I'm glad you placed some sort of link. It's not that I want desperately to reach you but I wanted to say thank you and how I greatly appreciate what you've shared with me. People don't say those things enough.