Wednesday, May 17, 2006


For 30 years I've been listening to the stories of friends of mine, mostly female but some male too, about the various kinds of sexual abuse that is high, wide and handsome in the most fundamental of churches. Not so much in the moderate and liberal churches, though it happens there too. So here's just a small snippet of the pages in the Freedom From Religion Foundation's paper, listing this past months abusive happenings in the religious world. If I had a child, I'd keep him/her far away from fundamental churches and their leadership.

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The Atheist Front said...

Its truly disgusting to see just how religious moderates turn a blind eye to such atrocities! Religion in our society is so caught up in all of its political correctness that no one dares come out in the open and expose these things.

The Roman Catholic church has sheltered its pedophile priests for ages now. The problem though is that the establishment tries hopelessly to convince us that such things are isolated and rarely happen, when in reality, they are quite present.

In my home province of Quebec Canada, during the 1940's and 1950's, back when clerical fascist Maurice Duplessis was in power, countless innocent orphans were crammed into catholic schools where they were repeatedly beaten, sodomized ect...The catholic church also has a history of sheltering nazi war criminals. We can go on for days when it comes to their wrongdoings!

As for christian fundamentalist pastors,its sad to see just how they are not only a menace to the american political structure, but also to their own faithful who they manipulate and take advantage of for their own twisted depraved sexual desires.