Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I used to root for Boston way back in the days of Bob Cousy, so I’m enjoying the series with LA. With Cleveland, from Ohio, my birthplace, I was torn about their series with Boston. Too bad the Celtics got edged out tonight, but they didn’t get blown out on LA's court, and that fact, alone, does not bode well for LA and its basketball star/rapist Koby Bryant. Speaking of Bryant—it just goes to show that if you have enough money, you can get away with anything. (Goshdarn it, I just don’t feel too friendly tonight toward most things.) Also, now being so near Portland and their Blazers, with Ohio State star, Odom, joining them for real this year after sitting out last year with knee surgery, I don’t know how I’ll feel if Portland begins to show their oats and get to some playoff match up with Boston. Boston beat them here in Portland last year, and I was in attendance for that game. Pierce went on a rampage and shot the hell out of the basket. Where was he tonight, I wonder?

Tim Donaghy, Disgraced Former NBA Referee, Claims Officials Fixed Playoff Series

reported by TOM HAYS | June 10, 2008 09:13 PM EST | AP

In one of several allegations of corrupt refereeing, Donaghy said he learned in May 2002 that two referees known as "company men" were working a best-of-seven series in which "Team 5" was leading 3-2. In the sixth game, he alleged the referees purposely ignored personal fouls and called "made-up fouls on Team 5 in order to give additional free throw opportunities for Team 6."

"Team 6" won the game and came back to win the series, the letter said.

Only the Los Angeles Lakers-Sacramento Kings series went to seven games during the 2002 playoffs. And the Lakers went on to win the championship.

At the time, consumer advocate Ralph Nader and the League of Fans, a sports industry watchdog group, sent a letter to Stern complaining about the officiating in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals.

The Lakers, who beat Sacramento 106-102 in that game in Los Angeles, shot 27 free throws in the final quarter and scored 16 of their last 18 points at the line.

What interests me here, is the stuff about the “watchdog group” noticing this bad referring long before Donaghy was convicted of criminal behavior. Of course, some people think most officiating of anything is criminal, still this game really stood out and so Donaghy’s claim seems to bear some weight, I don’t care who was bought to say that it wasn’t. (Boy, I’m mad about something. I wonder what?)

TODAY'S HAIKU: The topic is "revolution"

Modern China —
Mao is turning
in his grave.

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