Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I had a successful day staying home and saving gas yesterday. Read a lot, watched "The China Syndrome" with Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas. He sure looks funny in that hippie beard, and how I long for another glimpse of Barbarella! I miss the Jane Fonda (and the Holly Hunter, for that matter) before they got saved, but we atheists always have managed to make out okay even when others go crazy with their needs and fall by the wayside into the mental aberration that is the god concept.

Took a walk in the park out behind the apartment complex, up and down its steep hill two times, then into the hot tub followed by a shower (while in the hot tub it rained and what fun to get out of the tub and let the cold rain drench me before leaping back into the hot water), then more reading, then watching the election results come in and listening to Obama's acceptance speech.

What's with Hillary, anyway? It's always interesting to get emails from her campaign which thank me for my support when, long ago, I went over to the Obama camp and informed Hillary's website that I was an Obama voter. This only goes to prove that no politician or politician's representative ever reads an email directed to them. Unless one is a lobbyist with oodles of do re mi to spread around, no one gets in to see his representative or to speak to him/her personally on the phone. I suggest that every politician spend at least an hour or two a week randomly calling and/or accepting calls from the average people he/she represents.


I've been thinking a lot about Obama, and he represents, for me, a truly modern man whereas Hillary and McCain represent the past. Funny thing is that I don't want to explain what I mean by a modern man because it'll get him in trouble with those Americans who are still stuck in the last century—for religious folk, it's the 1st Century and before, they're stuck in. So, I'll just say Barack Obama has the look and feel of a modern man suited to deal with the issues of the 21st century.

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