Tuesday, October 08, 2013


proves that reason is not necessarily sanity
Yesterday I saw a tee shirt that read, WHEN NOTHING GOES RIGHT, GO LEFT
I often am surprised when an old friend (who admits he still lives in fear of the devil) and I discuss things from afar how far I've entered into the intelligent world and have left behind the "things of the devil". Another old friend once told me that "we become what we fear". I see evidence of that fear turning people nasty whenever an old crack brain like Scalia reveals how far back into the dark ages his brain has sunk. It's sad that a grown man has not grown emotionally beyond the 9-11 year old stage when fairies and other invisible things are very real. You can see the work of punishing nuns and priests in such beliefs as Scalia endorses. Further, if he truly believes in the devil, he is but one step removed from punishing people he imagines are witches. In fact, he would probably be one of those nit-pickers, looking for proofs of witchcraft in things like the shape of a person's head or color of their eyes. Read or watch Arthur Miller's The Crucible to see how reason can twist reality until reality seems a nightmare. That's what reason does. People who still believe in that devil nonsense are scary and completely irrational in all their beliefs. (For example, they would destroy a nation's economy in order to get their way.) They are exactly like the Abbot of Citeaux, Arnaud Amalric, the crusader whose army reached the outskirts B├ęziers. When he was asked if all in the city should be killed since some of them were Christian, he told his crusaders, "Kill them all. God will know his own." That's reason at work. Spooky man is Scalia. 

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