Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Keep this to the front of our minds as the Teapublican Party continues holding impoverished children, the handicapped, retired seniors and veterans hostage in order to get a budget agreement that permanently harms those vulnerable groups. Four percent of any population is sociopathic. Then there are many others with very low empathetic (conscience) brain functions. I'm sure conscience or lack of it can be plotted on a bell curve just as can most human traits. I believe it's safe to say that the Teapublican Party is dominated by those two groups of people. It's not their fault—they were born that way—but the rest of us should watch out when they try to con us into going along with them by attempting to manipulate our evolved adaptations for selfishness. Our agreement with their selfish policies might indicate we also might be brain damaged. Let's hope the human species is slowly evolving toward more altruistic behavior than selfish behavior. The world need not be as selfish as it is. 


Epiphelion said...

Have you read "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins? That hope you speak of, I hope that it is reasonable to find, and/or forge a reason for hope.

THE SILENT BOOMER/George Thomas said...

Yes, I've read "The Selfish Gene" and several other books by Dawkins. The grandest book by him is "The Ancestors Tale". That was a long and difficult read for me, but many fascinating things came through. A lot about the techniques by which anthropologists and biologists make decisions.