Thursday, October 24, 2013


Nazis didn't like socialism either
The consuming taxpayers pay for everything in the world. We pay the wages of the politicians and the dividends of the wealthy. We pay through taxes for certain necessary services and for personnel to operate those services, and, through the price of our purchases, we pay the salaries of all corporate people and the wage earners of those corporations. Isn't that clear enough—as consumers we pay each others wages in both the private and public sectors? 

Since we workers pay for everything, we ought to be pretty furious at those who sit around and skim the cream off the free market (capitalistic) economic system while the real generators of wealth go hungry and go without good health care. What we need to do is figure out a way to get all those top dog corporate monkeys, stock holders and dividend takers off our consuming, taxpaying backs, but how do we do that without making ourselves vulnerable to a government that we might make too large and before they assassinate real reformers? Where are the Teapublicans when we need them? This "free market" economic system ought to make all us tax paying consumers mad as hell!

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